Pandora’s Box

The theory about Pandora’s box is that you never know what you get in Pandora’s Box. With that as the ethos in mind we bring you this collection of wines. We are all about breaking the molds of the traditional wine industry.

We are all about sourcing the best grape in the best regions to make these wonderful wines. We are not restrained to source grapes only from an estate but rather go out into the market and source different grapes from different regions in the pursuit of the perfect wine.

We are all about “mouth feel”. That is another key element in this brand. People fall in love with wine based on taste and not necessarily where it comes from. We do everything in our power to make sure that we bring you the best we can in bottle with the grapes we can source.

Great Taste, Great Value. We again have the theory that we want to over deliver on everything. Taste, Price and packaging. We endeavor to do this year in and year out to bring the consumer (that’s you!!) the best wine at the best price.